At Ushaka International Marketplace, vendors can create e-commerce stores to sell their products and services. Through our marketing efforts, we will enhance your brand awareness and help you streamline your distribution processes. As a vendor, you are an integral part of our Ushaka International Marketplace community. Our community connects, empowers, and unites diverse businesses in an inclusive environment with a goal of creating economic strength.


There are many marketplaces that you can choose from. At the end of the day, you want to sell your products while making a positive impact in the community. Any marketplace can sell items; at Ushaka International Marketplace, we are building economic power.

How do you become a Ushaka International Marketplace vendor? We’re glad you asked.

To receive more information on our Vendor Selection process, please complete our Vendor Inquiry Form. Once completed, our team will review your information and set up a time for a follow-up interview.

Ushaka International has two broadcasting networks in 196 countries and is the only Marketplace catering to entrepreneurs/professionals who already have products and services.

By filling out an online application and furnishing the required business and personal information.

UI Marketplace is the only platform that specializes in bringing the world to its clients.

Apparel, Electronics, Supplements, Non-perishable items, Professional Services, etc.

Payment for products and services sold on UI Marketplace shall be paid out twice a month or every two weeks into the account provided.

UI Marketplace shall assist you with selling your products and services within the marketplace, by promoting the marketplace and by giving you access to UI Marketplace Live.

Expanding your inventory is easy. Simply add more products and services to your account.

Purchases are fulfilled at one of our UI Marketplace fulfillment centers

By contacting Customer Service or by logging into your account and deactivating your account.